VBFH Memberships

Virginia Beach Field House Memberships

*** Membership is NOT Required for League and Program Participation. All memberships are optional.***

The Virginia Beach Field House is excited to share our brand new membership program. After various inquiries and guest surveys, we have designed the Virginia Beach Field House membership program for all of our loyal guests that participates in multiple leagues and programs. The membership is NOT a requirement to participate in any league, class or camp but an opportunity to our loyal guests to gain discounts for multiple programs.


Memberships- Each and every membership is individual. The discounts are only applied to whomever the membership was purchased for.  For example, if purchased for an adult, discounts for his/her child (youth programs) do not apply.  Memberships cannot be shared between family members, significant others, friends, etc.

Sub Fees-  For members, sub fees will only be $10.  This means that we will only be taking $10 off for every sub fee applied to the full registration. Please keep in mind we can still only take up to 3 sub fees off of each full registration.

$10 off every league- This is applied to the price at the time of purchase. If the overall league price has already gone up, members will receive $10.00 off the current league price.  For example, if you register during regular registration and the cost is typically $95, your fee will be $85.


Starting on February 1st, 2016 VBFH will offer the following Membership Packages:


Adult Membership – $95.00 Yearly Fee

  • No administrative fee
  • $10 off current league (at the time of purchase)
  • $10 sub fees instead of $15

Youth Membership - $65.00 Yearly Fee

  • No administrative fee
  • $10 off every league
  • 5% off birthday parties
  • 5% off in-house camps
  • 5% off in-house classes (Does not include Lil’ Kickers or Lil’ Sluggers)


These memberships are now available for purchase. Make sure to purchase your membership before registering for Spring Leagues and Programs.


For more information please contact the Virginia Beach Field House Team or call us at 757-427-3955.