Clash of Heroes

Clash of the Heroes Soccer Tournament

Event Held at the Virginia Beach Field House

Saturday, July 30th & Sunday, July 31st

Start time will depend on the number of teams.


Each team will be guaranteed 3 games. There will also be a playoff bracket.

Teams can have roster sizes no more than 12 people.


Brief Description:

Clash of the Heroes Soccer Tournament is an event in which

Fire Departments, Police Departments, and the Armed Forces compete against each other.


Cost: $450 per Team

There is one flat team fee for the whole tournament. I will need the captain and players to register online or the captain will need to create the team and then turn in a roster sheet and waivers from each person before the day of the event.



There will be a cash prize for the winning team (the more teams we have registered, the higher the prize) and we will also have a trophy.


To register please visit


If you have any questions please contact Angel Horowitz at:

757-427-3955 x1012