Field House Fun Zone



The Virginia Beach Field House's Funzone is a state of the art indoor play area that can offer kids hours of fun and excitement. Children can let their imaginations run wild as they explore the three stories of awesomeness. Kids can climb through the various levls, cross narrow bridges, duck and climb over multiple obstacles as they make their way to the FIVE different slides that will send them speeding back to the bottom of the Fun Zone.The Fun Zone also features a small play area where kids can get creative themselves and play any games that their minds can conceive.The Fun Zone is an ideal place for kids to have fun and stay active!


What you will need to enter the Fun Zone:

  • A MAX Galaxy account, if you don't have one, you can go here to create one.
  • The admission price is $3 per child

Rules of the Fun Zone:

  • Parents MUST stay with their child. 
  • You must be shorter than 48" to enter the Fun Zone.
  • No running or climbing outside the Fun Zone.
  • If you are leaving the Fun Zone, please put your shoes back on.
  • No food, drink, gum or candy inside the Fun Zone.
  • You must slide feet first (No head first sliding).
  • Please do not bring anything (toys, jewelry, etc.) in the Fun Zone.
  • No rough play
  • Check diapers prior to a child's entrance into the Fun Zone.
  • PLEASE no sick children.
  • VBFH staff have the authority to ask anyone to leave because of behavior that might cause harm to others.
  • Before you play, take off your shoes.
  • Empty all of your pockets; place all items in your shoes.
  • All children must use hand sanitizer prior to entering the Fun Zone