2017 Holiday Youth Soccer

Holiday Youth Soccer Season

Registration Is Open!

Registration Fee: $85/ player until two weeks before the season then it becomes $95/ player for remainder of season

*$10 administrative fee required for all league participants (once per year fee)*

Season begins: Week of October 16th 
Most games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays. Some weekends the fields are not available, so look below to see other possible days of the week that your age group will play.
Mondays- U6 & U8
Tuesdays- U10 & U16 (All levels)
Wednesday- U12 & U14 (All levels)
Thursdays- U18 (All levels)
Look at the Age schedule below to find out when you will be playing.

soccer virginia beach field houseAvailable Divisions

~We reserve the right to combine age/gender divisions if needed in order to run a league.~
~All schedules are subject to change. Please do not print the schedule; refer to the online schedule for the most up to date version.~
~Absolutely NO GUEST PLAYERS allowed~

League Information

soccer virginia beach field houseA parent or volunteer coach is required for each team. Parent coaches are required for all youth sports, including High School, to ensure player discipline & sportspersonship. These individuals must attend every game. 
soccer virginia beach field houseThe Virginia Beach Field House does not provide coaching. The league is designed as a game only league, this is not an instructional or developmental league. 
soccer virginia beach field housePlayers may play up in an age group, but players are not permitted to play in a younger age group. Co-ed teams are welcome to play in the boys divisions and Recreational divisions, but may not play in the girls divisions
soccer virginia beach field houseWe reserve the right to move teams to a division that is more appropriately suited to their competitive level.


Registration Instructions

soccer virginia beach field houseI am registering a new team for the season: If you are registering a new team and you are the captain, coach, or primary contact please sign up as a "New Team--Team registration". There is no fee for a youth team registration. Team Contact registration is to be used ONLY for coaches and captains, not for players.

soccer virginia beach field houseMy team has been registered and I need to join that private team: You will register under "With a team--joining a private team". Under the Team Information heading, use the drop down menu to find and highlight the team you are joining. You will pay for your registration at that time.

soccer virginia beach field houseI am an individual. I need help finding a team: Please register as an "Individual--Need help finding a team". The Sport Director will compile these players and place them on a structured team.


How do you sign up?

Utilize your MAX GALAXY ACCOUNT to register for the league. If you do not have an account, use the link to create one as well.

If you are interested in registering, contact Mark Cruver: MCruver@beachfieldhouse.com


Unsure of your age group?

Register into age group if born on/after January 1st
U6 2010
U8 2008
U10 2006
U12 2004
U14 2002
U16 2000
U18 1998


soccer virginia beach field house Individual youth’s that wish to play on the same team, but are not registering on a previously created private team can do so by sending an email to the League Director (mcruver@beachfieldhouse.com) requesting to be placed together. If 4 or more players wish to play together, please create and register a new private team and email the League Director requesting assistance filling the roster. The Virginia Beach Field House does not assign coaches to teams.


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