Play Time: Sunday mornings/early afternoons with spillover to Friday evenings

Price: $80-90

Season Information


Registration:  Closes February 20
Games: February 28 – April 24
Games held on Sunday mornings and early afternoons with some spillover on Friday evenings.
  • $80 per person registration fee + $10 admin fee (yearly)
  • Must provide Birth Certificate or government issued ID to verify age
  • 7 Regular season games + Postseason
  • The number of teams able to participate in playoffs will be determined by the director early in the season. Not every team makes playoffs
  • 1st Tie Breaker is head to head matchup. 2nd Tie Breaker is points allowed
  • Teams must be registered 7 days prior to the start of each season
  • Must have at least 5 players paid in order to be added to the schedule
  • If you do not pay, you will not play until payment is collected
  • Players may register as a free agent or to a private team
  • Minimum roster is 7 players, there is no max
  • Rosters must be finalized by game 4 of each season
  • Schedules will be posted online. Please do not print the schedule as it is subject to change.
  • In the event of an ejection, players will be suspended for a minimum of 1 week forcing them to miss the following game.
  • Teams must be registered 7 days prior to the start of the season and must have 5 paid players in order to be added to the schedule
  • Any free agents wishing to play together must email the director, Lance Hurdle at
  • All Virginia Beach Field House intramural basketball games for both youth and adult are governed by the National Federation of High School Basketball rules with the EXCEPTIONS and modifications outlined in the rules below. The official rules are written and published by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), which governs Virginia High School basketball rules.

Only Youth Recreational teams will receive a jersey as part of their registration fee. Practices are not guaranteed with this league but more so offered based on our court availability (this ranges on a seasonal basis). Our leagues are set up for participants to learn through gameplay. 

Please note: Coaches are required for all youth sports, including High School, to ensure player discipline & sportsperson ship. These individuals do not need to make coaching decisions, but must attend games. The Virginia Beach Field House does not assign coaches to teamsNo Full Court press allowed in any recreational divisions, only half court press is allowed. Full Court press is allowed in the competitive divisions. Sportsmanship Rule: No Full Court press when winning by 20+ points. 

Division Information

Coed Recreational Coed Competitive
Coed 7-8
Coed 9-10 Coed 9-10
Coed 11-12 Coed 11-12
Coed 13-14 Coed 13-14
Coed 15-17

The League start date (February 28) will be used to determine player eligibility.

Example: If a player is looking to play in the 9-10 division they CANNOT BE OLDER than 10 years and 11 months at the league start date

The recreational division is for the less skilled & experienced players/teams and the competitive division is for the more skilled & experienced players/teams. There are AAU teams that will compete in the competitive division.

League Policies


  • Home team must provide their own white shirts
  • Away team must provide their own dark shirts
  • We encourage teams to provide their own jerseys!

(If teams show up with similar color jerseys which are difficult for the refs to distinguish, the home team is expected to change or wear pinnies. Everyone must provide their own jerseys.)